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Snow + Ice Removal

Of all the challenges Chicagoland property owners face, extreme weather is one of the most difficult and unpredictable. To ensure that their parking lots remain clear and accessible at all times, our customers need an integrated solution with reliable services that they can rely on year-round. That’s why, as well as being Chicagoland’s best asphalt paving and concrete contractor, we’re also a full-service commercial snow and ice control specialist.

M+J has almost 40 years of experience keeping roads and parking lots clear of snow, sleet, and ice.

Our services include:
  • Fast, reliable snow plowing, walkway shoveling, and salt-spreading by a highly trained staff of snow removal technicians, using a modern fleet of trucks and up-to-the-minute equipment
  • Customized maintenance plans to fit your unique needs and budget
  • Advanced weather-tracking software to monitor storms
  • Detailed timetables to let you know when your property will be serviced
  • Specialized weather reports emailed directly to you
  • The latest anti-icing products to protect your property before snow accumulates

Because we understand that every situation is unique, M+J also offers its snow and ice control customers complete flexibility in creating a maintenance plan that makes the best sense for their property and budget. One of these is our Zero Tolerance plan that involves pre-treatment with snow and ice control products at the first  sign of inclement weather. Our 1-Inch Push and 2-Inch Push plans mean customers can expect a rapid response when accumulation threshold is reached.

The M+J 4-Step Snow
+ Ice Control Solution

To help our customers achieve the best results during harsh weather conditions, M+J has developed a 4-step solution that minimizes downtime, helps avoid costly liabilities such as slips and falls, and protects pavement surfaces from permanent damage.

M+J closely monitors multiple weather services during storm cycles—including the Weather Channel, National Weather Service, and local news stations — and maintains a 24-hour, around-the-clock work schedule. In addition to outside resources, we have our own weather-tracking satellite dish and forecast service, operated by leading provider Telvent.

Client contact begins six to 12 hours before storms begin and is continued until all severe weather has passed. Detailed, aggregate weather reports are sent to clients at regular intervals during the event, with scheduling staff informing clients of service windows and any changes made due to conditions.

Operations begin eight hours before the onset of severe weather. Crews prepare equipment and foremen check properties before there is any significant accumulation.

Our 24-hour operations hub at the M+J corporate office stays in contact with field leaders and customers throughout snow events. And because all of our trucks are equipped with GPS, we’re able keep track of our fleet at all times. On the ground, our mechanics make sure the fleet keeps moving, and our foremen and superintendents oversee our crews. For larger properties, equipment is stored and maintained on-site to ensure timely service.

Ice Control





M+J is Chicagoland’s exclusive distributor and applicator of Ice B’Gone Magic and Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid — a revolutionary line of anti-ice and de-icing products that is budget friendly, more effective than traditional anti-ice solutions, and good for the environment. Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid is a patented liquid formula that can be sprayed directly onto paved surfaces before a storm to prevent ice and snow from bonding to the ground. Just one treatment can stop black ice from taking hold at temperatures as low as -35° F.

  • Melts ice and snow faster than regular rock salt
  • Requires up to 30% less product than with other de-icers
  • Keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement
  • Reduces liability risks by minimizing dangerous slips and falls
  • Non-corrosive for automobiles and equipment
  • Safe for concrete parking structures
  • Won’t burn grass or harm pets

Our customers are serviced by a fleet of professional equipment and highly trained crews to tackle everything from lake effect snow to a full-blown blizzard.

Our hardware includes:
  • Plow trucks
  • Salt spreaders
  • Liquid ice control trucks
  • Plow and pusher-equipped skid steers and ATVs for smaller areas and sidewalks
  • Front-end loaders with attachments to remove large snow stockpiles
  • Semi and six-wheel trucks for hauling snow offsite
  • Fuel trucks for on-site fill-ups, keeping our equipment constantly on the job site.