Sign Installation +
Speed Bump Construction

It’s often the smaller details that can have the biggest impact. That’s why we strive to give the same kind of care and attention to parking lot accessories such as speed bumps and wheel stops, as we do to everything else.

By choosing M+J to take care of all your parking lot needs, you can lower your overhead, simplify your workload, and feel confident that you’ve got the right people on the job.

M+J supplies and installs a number of pavement accessories, including:
  • All federal-approved signage for parking lots, roadways, and pedestrian areas
  • Concrete coring services for all signage
  • Concrete & rubber speed bumps
  • Wheel stops (7- and 9-foot options available in a variety of styles and materials)

You find it. We fix it.

We use the latest technology to allow you to quickly identify, report, and get issues resolved before they become costly liabilities.