Sewer Installation +
Sewer Repair

Here in Chicagoland, we certainly experience our fair share of extreme weather. When it comes to parking lots and other paved surfaces, rain water and melting snow can cause serious long-term issues, especially when that water seeps into the deeper layers of the pavement structure. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that your site achieves optimal drainage.

M+J’s staff will expertly assess your pavement structure, taking both current and potential issues into account.

Sewer installations, adjustments + repairs. If your sewer or catch base needs an adjustment, we will excavate the area around it, removing excess asphalt and reinstalling it, to allow the free flow of excess rain water and improve your capture capacity.

In some cases, a storm sewer may be added to a parking lot if there is a main sewer line or another area nearby that is capable of accepting water runoff. Our most common repair involves installing a pre-cast basin, connecting a new sewer pipe to an existing inlet, and regrading the parking lot’s asphalt surface to allow for the new drainage pattern.

At M+J, we perform a wide range of storm sewer repairs, including:
  • Complete pre-cast concrete basin and cone replacements
  • Sewer ring adjustments
  • Inlet patching
  • Culvert repairs

You find it. We fix it.

We use the latest technology to allow you to quickly identify, report, and get issues resolved before they become costly liabilities.