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Prosite Audit

At M+J, we believe in using the latest technology available to maximize the effectiveness of our work and processes. ProSiteAudit is a standard communication tool that simplifies the process of reporting an issue on your site, and then expedites the resolution of that issue.

Using any web-enabled device, property managers (or other designated point people) can create an audit that uses maps, pictures, and zones to identify and describe property issues; download that audit to a centralized cloud-based location; and share findings with us in real time.

And because they take less than 15 minutes to complete, audits save valuable time, efficiently and effectively communicating issues before they become costly liabilities.


  1. Find and identify property a property issue.
  2. Use the ProSiteAudit tool to drag a marker to the issue’s location.
  3. Take a picture, rate the issue’s severity, and add notes and comments.
  4. Follow the same steps to add any other site issues and sent the report to your contractor.