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Parking Lot Striping +
Pavement Markings

In addition to having a durable, well-maintained pavement surface, all business owners should feel confident that their parking lots are safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Whether it’s directional markings for a fast food drive-thru or stalls in an entire shopping center parking deck, M+J’s striping and pavement markings make your parking lot look attractive while ensuring safety, clarity, and superior traffic control.

Thermoplastic Striping. Though more expensive than traditional latex solutions, thermoplastic striping is ideal for asphalt surfaces that experience a large amount of traffic. A form of plastic made from polymer resins, thermoplastic striping creates durable and highly reflective markings that resist cracking, chipping, or shattering. To achieve optimum reflectivity, glass beads are added to the plastic mixture before it is cooled, making it visible even at night.

Our pavement marking services include:
  • Parking lot design and redesign that maximizes space, improves traffic flow, and increases visibility. Customized markings and parking designations include arrows, crosswalks, “no parking” areas, loading zones, fire lanes, speed zone labels, and right-of-way designations.
  • Replication of existing parking lot layouts for customers happy with their current setup.
  • Assistance achieving full compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, including proper size, markings, and signage for handicapped-accessible parking stalls, and the use of yellow or white lines painted with durable, Illinois Department of Transportation-compliant latex paint.

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