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Commercial business owners know that first impressions count. The condition of walkways, pathways, driveways, service bays, and parking areas that surround your commercial building influences the way customers and partners perceive your business. Keeping your parking lots and pedestrian areas both functional and attractive not only contributes to the success of your business, it also helps to present a positive image to the community.

At M+J, we offer a full range of commercial concrete services that, when added together, help our clients achieve a tidy, attractive exterior with a high level of functionality.

We understand that construction in high traffic areas requires careful sequencing to keep businesses running at normal speed. To avoid disruptions and manage traffic, we work closely with business owners to phase our projects, working seven days a week whenever necessary.

Our parking lots are built to last, but even the best construction requires repair work over time. This is why we also recommend a long-term maintenance program that includes sealcoating. For just pennies per square feet, regular applications of sealcoat significantly extends the life of your asphalt pavement, saving you up to 300% in maintenance costs over a 15-year period, and ensures that your business looks its best for years to come.


we do.


Asphalt paving + repair
Concrete installation + repair
Snow + ice control
Sewer installation + repair
Parking lot maintenance
Decorative paving

You find it.
We fix it.

We use the latest technology to allow you to quickly identify, report, and get issues resolved before they become costly liabilities.