Asphalt Crack Filling

When it comes to your parking lot you need to stay ahead of the game, identifying and dealing with issues before they become serious problems. A single crack left untreated can quickly multiply into hundreds of fractures that will threaten the integrity of your pavement structure.

Once asphalt becomes cracked and fractured, water is able to penetrate the surface all the way to the base and sub-base layers. The freeze-thaw cycles common during Chicagoland’s harsh winters cause those cracks to expand, resulting in pavement failure and requiring costly resurfacing.

When done annually, M+J’s crack filling service becomes a simple and cost-effective way to maintain pavement integrity and avoid expensive repairs later on.

Our staff identifies trouble spots, fully cleans and/or routs cracks, and seals the cracks with an emulsion filler that adheres to the pavement, creating a successful barrier against water, oil, and chemicals.

You find it. We fix it.

We use the latest technology to allow you to quickly identify, report, and get issues resolved before they become costly liabilities.