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Looking at how far we’ve come in the nearly 40 years we’ve been operating in and around Chicago, it’s hard to believe that we started out with just one pick-up truck, patching potholes and plowing snow in small parking lots across the city. We now own a large fleet of dump trucks, semis, and paving equipment and are known as one of Chicagoland’s premier asphalt, concrete, and snow and ice contractors.

Our reputation for consistently high-quality and reliable work has grown from our desire to give our customers the kind of results that we would want and expect ourselves—those built on value, experience, and reliability.

When our customers hand their construction and maintenance projects over to us, we want them to feel confident that it’s going to be taken care of the right way the first time around.

Today, M+J provides a wide range of services to a variety of clients, from municipalities and Fortune 500 companies to manufacturing firms and residential property managers. With broad experience in asphalt paving, concrete installation, sewer repairs, and snow and ice removal, we pride ourselves on using the latest technological and ecological advances to better serve our customers and communities. And because we’re a self-performing company with tight control over our costs and availability, our clients can be confident that they will always get 24/7 access to highly trained staff, and exceptional service that won’t strain their budgets.

Over the years we have intentionally expanded our services, allowing our customers to have all their needs met by just one company they can trust. In 1999, we began offering StreetPrint, a low-cost, high-quality decorative paving solution that breathes new life into aging crosswalks, streets, and driveways. In 2011, we opened a full-service concrete division to take care of those jobs that require foundations, curbing, and sidewalks. And most recently, we introduced a revolutionary line of anti-ice and de-icing products that is budget-friendly, more effective than traditional rock salt, and good for the environment.

As a family-owned business, we really care about making our business the best it can be and giving our customers the very best service possible.

Right from the start we were committed to extending the lifecycle of our clients’ pavements without damaging their bottom line, and that’s a tradition we enthusiastically carry forward to this day.